Fall Friday

It’s Friday.  Finally!  Of course I say that every week.  Fall is a busy time for me, everyone gets excited when they see the leaves turn and start to come down, and photo requests come in.  I. Love. It.  I love the busy-ness!  I love going from shoot to shoot, coming home exhausted after a 3 or 4 shoot day.  I tell people this all the time – taking photos is the one time when I’m “working” that I don’t think about anything else – pain, exhaustion, worries, whatever – I just get in the moment.  I think that’s very telling of how much I enjoy my job.  I can’t really call it that because it doesn’t FEEL like a job.  It feels like an extension of my life.

I was looking at my opening slide show and you know what?  I really like my photos.  I like my clients.  For every single one of you that have done a photo shoot with me, you make this possible.  You make ME look good.  I get a kick out of people telling me what a good job I did with their pictures – it’s YOU, not me!  I look for the shots or the backgrounds or help with the posing, but it’s those natural smiling faces and the moments when you are yourself that make a good photo.

I’m trying to kick out a cold that really caught me off guard and it’s not easy – I don’t have time to be sick!  Laying around here waiting for cold medicine to kick in is NOT helping things to get done or keep my kids out of trouble.  These warm fall days are going to be gone in a millisecond and I don’t want to waste them.  There’s still time for photos – just because the leaves are down doesn’t mean we’re out.  We aren’t taking pictures of the trees, we’re taking pictures of you in the leaves – which are already on the ground!  It works!  I did get some of my own family last weekend so I can stop worrying just as you all do about whether the scenery will hold out – but driving around I can see there’s still plenty of beautiful colors so schedule an appointment and get some pictures done.  If I can do it, you can.  I think for all of you who would like some photos for Christmas cards but not a full shoot, I’d like to offer mini-sessions – but again there’s the question:  snow or no?  Send me a line and give me your thoughts – location, date, whatever.  I’d like to do something that works for you!  And wish me luck on this cold – it’s been two days already, time to go!!