So long, summer of ’17

Summer has gone by so fast!  With a great deal more design work on my plate, I welcomed the change in pace by having a large wedding to photograph in June. My additional photographer and I took over 3,000 photos between us.  And that’s with a lot of duplicates removed!  We’ve worked together so long now that it’s much easier, which equals much more fun.  Check out the video slideshow I created for them, which takes you from the beginning of the day until the end.  Rather than just showing my favorites or just my “artsy” photos, I include the standard posed church photos as well as the crazy fun reception ones!  Here’s the link:

Although I love summer and time where the kids are home and schedules aren’t so rigid, I do love fall and …. fall photos!  I’ve been asked several times already for senior portraits and I’m looking forward to getting out when the colors change and the temps aren’t quite so warm and enjoying sessions with the class of 2018.  This fall marks 12 years of Pena MultiMedia, for both photography and professional design.  It seems like it’s been longer.  I still offer the same services, and have added some specialty items along the way.  I have loved meeting so many great people and seeing their excitement over the photos they get.

So far schedules are flexible for fall, and since fall colors are hard to pinpoint, we have dates up in the air until we see how the colors change.  If you are interested in fall photos, please reach out and let me know so I have you on the list for people to contact and schedule first.  I’ve often done 3 or 4 shoots one after another in certain locations so that’s possible too.  End of the summer photos for anyone are always available, and the weather has been so agreeable lately I’d love to get out there and take some shots!  Do you want to learn how to use your own camera?  Call me and we can set up a one-on-one class.  I’ve done those many times and love it.  Who can beat talking to someone else about your passion and see how they light up when they learn something new?

Thank you, Pena MultiMedia customers new and past!  I have so enjoyed watching your kids grow up, your lives change, your businesses expand!  It is an honor to be hired by each and every one of you.